Door Knocker Manufacturers

Traditionally built custom homes opt for one accessory that totally ups the quaint quotient of the home. A door knocker! A must-have accessory in all traditional homes, door knockers come in varying sizes, shapes and colours. Depending on the size of the door and the make, we have a huge range of door knockers in all sizes, colours and makes.

Antique and traditional doors are much in demand these days as many interior decorators are opting for a classic makeover of many Indian homes. That’s another reason why we have been acknowledged as the best door knocker dealers in Bangalore.

Highly polished brass, sleek stainless steel or wrought iron, our exhaustive range of door knockers makes the perfect accessory for a traditionally styled door. Antique, intricately worked door knockers in different styles is a great accessory to fix on your door. Easy to use and quaint in nature, many are even tempted to forgo fixing the usual door bells that all homes have just to have the pleasure of knocking with our custom-made door knockers.