Cabinet Handles

A wrong cabinet handle on a beautiful hand-carved custom made cabinet would surely stick out like a sore thumb. That’s why we are the best cabinet handles suppliers in Bangalore. Our cabinet handles are not only sturdy and sleek but are also made of quality materials that blend in with the cabinet in question perfectly. From highly polished brass cabinet handles to antique looking intricately carved handles, we have a huge repository of cabinet handles of all sizes, makes and furniture. Perfectly sized custom-made handles can also be made for specific clients.

Sturdy and sleek, our cabinet handles come in all sizes, shapes, materials and colours. And that’s probably why, we are the leading dealers of cabinet handles in Bangalore. With Bangalore becoming a real estate haven, interior decor and furnishing is under the spotlight. In this age of makeovers, many have found it worth their while to invest time and money in furnishing their space with the best accessories available in the market. Cabinets are an integral part of furniture in Indian homes. They also make great storage areas in the inside and perfect display space on the outside. With antique and traditional cabinets becoming the popular trend in the interior décor market, cabinet makers are on the lookout for unique cabinet handles that would fit their cabinets to the T.